About us

New division established in 2014

After establishing the assembly division in 2011, the company's situation in following years developed rapidly, especially because of cooperation with big corporations across the European region. Our product portfolio soon expanded also in the field of special technologies (SW/HW supplies, security systems, etc.).

Due to increased demand for property and personal security solutions on account of the security crisis in the Europe, we also focused on state bodies/institutions deliveries.

Based on the situation we have decided to create a separate division of SPECIAL TECHNOLOGIES within the WLW Group. Our mission is to assist the law enforcement agencies with their effort to protect the country.


What we offer

  • Security Cameras/Surveillance systems
  • Intelligent fences
  • Motion detectors
  • Seismic sensors
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Data Analysis solutions
  • Other special systems dedicated to LEA – more details will be given on personal meeting basis


New products


WT-Series products are small form factor sensors useful for various types of radio frequency (RF) environments. They are used around the world in applications such as border security, facility and force protection, public safety and law enforcement, and a broad range of other applications where a passive RF sensor may be employed. When paired with WT Analytics software, the combined solution will surprise you with how much insight is obtained in such a straightforward and privacy-preserving manner.


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Based on specific requirements of our clients we guarantee absolutely discreet approach and tailor-made solution respecting your individual needs.

Our customers are professionals from commercial sphere as well as state bodies, government agencies, etc.

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